Resort Style Dining

Senior Nutrition and Experiences

Inspiring Hospitality

We know that food plays an important role in quality of life, so our approach is hospitality-driven. To us, this means thoughtful and well balanced menus that offer restaurant style choices, a smiling staff, fresh flowers on the table, real china and glassware and a team that genuinely listens and takes pride in serving our residents. Each day we offer a homemade feature which is designed around the preferences of our residents. Residents may also order selections from the restaurant style ala carte menu, which is always available. We are proud of our wide range of breakfast offerings, such as Belgian Waffles, Fresh Fruit with Granola and Yogurt, Muffins, Eggs and Omelets.

It’s also the little things that make a difference to us and to our residents. We grind our coffee beans onsite just before brewing a pot of coffee for freshness and taste. We make baked goods, snacks and fresh fruit available throughout the day. Our menus reflect much of the comfort foods that our residents have enjoyed for their entire life. And we also realize that many of our residents are accomplished and celebrated cooks themselves - all are encouraged to join the Culinary Council, a regular meeting about food with our chefs and culinary team. We warmly welcome menu and recipe input and we regularly feature our residents’ suggestions and recipes on our menus.


We work with the same purveyors that supply fine local restaurants, so that we can serve high quality produce, seafood, meats and seasonal specialties. We start with ingredients such as fresh herbs, regional spices and homemade chicken stock and combine them with flavor-producing cooking techniques –to create a signature cuisine that is both delicious and health-focused.

Many on our culinary team have formally trained at Culinary Schools and worked years in fine restaurants. Our team is provided with ongoing training in order to achieve and maintain the quality level of product and service that one would expect from a great restaurant.

Resident Focused, Signature yet Senior Selected

Through the culinary council and feedback from our dining room suggestion boxes, we have developed signature items such as Ham with Pineapple Casserole, Buttermilk Cornbread, Fried Mississippi raised Catfish, Chess Pie, and a wide array of chilled salads. We alternate traditional favorites such as Fried green Tomatoes and Pimiento Cheese with new favorites such as Fresh Salmon with Risotto or Seared Duck Breast with Sundried Cherry Jus.

We focus on brain foods: nuts and fish rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, beans, greens, fruits and a wide array of nutrient-dense vegetables, both cooked and raw. We feature low-sugar desserts, low sodium entrees, and finger foods for memory care if necessary.

Our culinary team works with our activities department to craft food around themed events and recreate holiday favorites. In our dining rooms, residents regularly enjoy birthday celebrations, wine socials, musical entertainment, and cooking demonstrations. In the warmer months our grill outs are always a hit, featuring traditional back yard favorites along with special items.

Food connects us in many ways. Our culinary team realizes this and truly wants dining to be one of the highlights of each day. Our chefs and cooks enjoy a great food dialogue with our residents, talking favorite recipes, family food traditions and more. It is truly a privilege to serve our residents and share the dining experience with them!