BMG’s Core Values

Timeless, deeply-rooted principles

“From our family to yours, a commitment to the best service and experience”

Our core values guide every decision and every action we take at Blake Management Group. Far from simply words on a piece of paper, our values are lived out through the planning and development stages, daily operations, and accomplishments of the important work we do. Each goal we set is developed with our core purpose and values as the foundation. These values are realized through purpose-driven activity.

  • Accountability – Each employee is accountable to be and do the very best for our residents and fellow employees.
  • Compassion – Compassion guides our words and actions as we care for our residents.
  • Integrity – Do the right thing in every situation.
  • Joy – By providing a secure, compassionate and competent environment, our residents, family members, guests and employees can experience joy in a meaningful way.
  • Fun – We will learn together, grow together, have fun together.
  • Leadership – We will recruit, hire and develop leaders at every level of our organization.


Our mission is to provide an unmatched experience for seniors and their families through the highest level of service each day.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the first choice among older adults and their families through excellence in care, hospitality and service delivery in each market we serve.